Story Of My Life.

yersterday i saw this:

Then i was like ;

Then She Said ;

So Retarted as i am, i didnt get it, So i keep asking ;

And Later On She Finaly Said ;

then i was like ;

-kinda jealous- …

and few minutes after i was mentally desperately crying..Still jealous.

And then i saw this…

and was like;

Oh, and finally;

My. Life. Is. Sad.

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    i bet that sara girl is lying so she can get some attention. so stupid. she better be lying….
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    While I was reading this I couldn’t stop laughing! IT’S SO ME! xDDD
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    dislike dislike dislike that gurl
  9. shingeling said: Of cooourse, out of millions of fans, Bill ran immediately to her and recognized her :D and of course she forgot to tweet that he asked her to marry him! PFFFT! My dear, this is for you: ♥
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